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Recipes Spices & Flavors Flavor Palette Press Room
  • Herbed Bagoong Puttanesca

    A pleasantly surprising Filipino take on an Italian classic using high quality herbs and spices from McCormick.

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  • Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Included in CNN’s list of “World’s 50 most delicious food,” enjoy this Singapore staple made easy with McCormick Rice Cookers.

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  • Marmitako Ala Sabrina

    Today’s fresh catch stewed in a traditional Basque way spiced and flavored with McCormick – a comforting delight.

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  • Spicy Dumaguete Coconut Water Soup with Clams and Mussels

    Add a little zing to your shellfish feast – a spicy coconut water soup best served hot and HOT!

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  • Cumin Kebabs with Hummus Dip

    Kebabs and Hummus -- a tasty traditional middle-eastern favorite , done the McCormick way. A must try paired with Biryani Rice!

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