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  • McCormick Pad Thai
    Noodle and Seasoning Mix

    Bite into glass noodles and delight in the sauce made from the rich flavors of shrimp, peanut, fish sauce and sour notes. To cook, you can mix in fresh chicken, tofu, and bean sprouts for a more mouthwatering Pad Thai experience.

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  • McCormick Chap Chae
    Noodle and Seasoning Mix

    Dig into sweet potato noodles and enjoy a sauce made from the rich flavors of sesame oil and seeds, soy sauce, and sugar. As you cook, you can even toss in fresh ingredients to make this Korean favorite truly your own.

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  • McCormick Laksa
    Noodle and Seasoning Mix

    Indulge in glass noodles, immersed in broth made from the rich flavors of coconut milk, sambal paste, and shrimp. You can also mix in fresh prawns, fish cakes, and eggs for a satisfying take on this classic Asian dish.

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  • McCormick Palabok
    Noodle and Seasoning Mix

    Fill up on vermicelli noodles, blanketed by a sauce made from the rich flavors of annatto, garlic, and tinapa. As you cook, feel free to add eggs, chicharon, and your choice of meat to make it special and savory.

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  • McCormick Birthday
    Noodle and Seasoning Mix

    Savor wheat noodles, plus a sauce made from the rich flavors of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and seafood. You can even stir in your choice of meat and vegetables to make your Birthday Noodles unique to your taste.

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