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Baked Chili Roni

Baked Chili Roni

Baked Chili Roni

Main Course



2 cups macaroni, cooked

1 pack McCormick Chili con Carne Seasoning Mix, 45 g

1 cup water

2 T. cooking oil

500 g. lean ground beef

1/2 cup chopped onions

1 can iced tomatoes

1/2 cup red kidney beans, boiled

1 pack McCormick Carbonara Mix

1 cup cream

2 cups quickmelt cheese


  1. Dissolve McCormick Chili con Carne in water. Set aside.
  2. Brown ground beef in large skillet. Drain fat. Add in onions, diced tomatoes and saute.
  3. Pour in Chili con Carne mixture. Cook covered until sauce thickens then add beans.
  4. Meanwhile, dissolve Creamy Garlic Sauce Mix in cream and cook, stirring constantly. Set aside.
  5. Layer pasta, Chili con Carne, MC Carbonara Mix into a baking dish until full.
  6. Top with shredded cheese and bake.