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Bohemian Creme Brulee with Fresh Mangoes and Mint

Bohemian Creme Brulee with Fresh Mangoes and Mint

Bohemian Creme Brulee with Fresh Mangoes and Mint




4 whole eggs

2 cups whole milk

1 tsp MC Vanilla Extract

3 dashes MC Nutmeg Ground

3 dashes MC Cinnamon Ground

¾ cup coco sugar

For garnish: sliced fresh mangoes and chopped mint leaves


1.In a bowl beat 4 whole eggs (I like to use the entire egg because both the yolk and white are awesome for you) however you can opt to just use the yolk for a smoother creme brûlée consistency. Add the milk, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and finally three fourth cup of coco sugar. Beat all together well.

2.In tin little containers or one larger oblong tin container, drizzle coco sugar on the bottom, and drizzle a dash of water onto this. Then heat the bottom of this over fire or electric stove. Use a tong because it will get hot. Once you see sugar melting and caramelizing, you can remove tins. Let cool.

3.Pour milk and egg mixture over tin. Then in pre heated oven place a tray with water in it and place tins on top (like a double boiler). Make sure to cover top of tin so the water and steam do not go into the flan. You flan should be done in 15 minutes or slightly more depending on the size of the tin.

4.Let cool, then scoop out by running a knife or spoon around the edges and pour into a flat white dish. Garnish with slice mangoes, or any fresh fruit in season and some fresh mint!