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Chili Tacos with Avocado Dipping Sauce

Chili Tacos with Avocado Dipping Sauce

McCormick Chili Tacos with Avocado Dipping Sauce and Fresh Tomato Basil




For the Avocado Dip

2 Ripe Avocados

1 cup Yogurt

A Pinch of Iodized Salt

A Pinch of Black Pepper Ground

You will also need Taco Shells, Mixed Greens (Arugula, Iceberg Lettuce) and some shaved cheddar cheese.


1.Cooking the Ground BeefSauté 2 cups of ground beef, half a cup of chopped white onions, a fourth cup garlic, a heaping teaspoon coco sugar, a teaspoon chili, a teaspoon paprika and a teaspoon turmeric in some virgin olive oil. Making sure all ingredients incorporate. Add a dash of salt and crushed black pepper to taste and about a fourth cup mild vinegar with a fourth cup water. Cook for 15 minutes then set aside.
2.Mixing the SalsaChop in chunky cubes about 5 whole bright red firm tomatoes in the same pan. Add a bit of virgin olive oil, a drizzle of mild vinegar, salt pepper, and more paprika and turmeric. About 2 dashes each. Cook for 30 seconds. Set aside.