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Marmitako Ala Sabrina

Marmitako Ala Sabrina

Today’s fresh catch stewed in a traditional Basque way spiced and flavored with McCormick – a comforting delight.

Main Course



4 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Cloves Garlic Chopped

½ k Unpeeled Potatoes Washed and Cleaned and Sliced Thinly into Disks

½ k (or about 5pcs) Mix of Yellow and Red Bell Peppers Seeded and Sliced into Flat Bits

½ Cup Chorizo Slices

4pcs Medium Sized Fish (Maya Maya or Dalagang Bukid)

1 Cup White Wine

1 Tsp McCormick Spanish Paprika

½ Cup Tomato Sauce

McCormick Iodized Salt & McCormick Black Pepper Ground to taste 

Lemon Wedges and chopped Basil/ Parsley Leaves for Garnish


  1.  Sprinkle salt and pepper on the fish. Do it on both sides and set aside.
  2. In a medium sized paellera or a thick pan about 10 inches in diameter, sauté virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic chopped, slice unpeeled potatoes thinly and place as a first layer on pan then slice in flat bits large green yellow and red bell peppers (making sure you remove the seeds), about 5 bell peppers, put this a second layer to your pot covering the entire bottom with bell peppers.
  3. Then chop some chorizo in bits and drizzle over the top. (About half a cup of chorizo) .
  4. Then repeat another layer potatoes and bell pepper. Then  layer cleaned  fresh catch of the day  (about 4 small to medium sized may-maya or dalagang bukid fish )  
  5. Then in bowl mix one cup white wine to a teaspoon of Spanish paprika, half a cup tomato sauce, salt pepper to taste, pour over dish.
Let simmer for about 20minutes low heat! The scents in your kitchen will be absolutely amazing, the chorizo, potato, vino, paprika , bell pepper and fish are just brilliant !

Serve on a dish with fish on top. You may choose to layer some French bread around the dish for dipping into the sauce. Garnish the top of the fish with lemon wedges and parsley/ chopped basil.