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  • Aromatic

    Explore Aromatic
  • Buttery

    A mild, soft and slightly sweet, fatty flavor common to olive oil, pistachios, and unsalted butter.

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  • Caramelized

    Explore Caramelized
  • Cheesy

    Ranging in degrees of boldness, sharpness and fruitiness that you find in cheddar, Swiss and parmesa[...]

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  • Citrusy

    A little sweet and a little sour, citrusy flavor include lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange.

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  • Creamy

    Explore Creamy
  • Fresh

    Explore Fresh
  • Fruity

    While not citrusy, fruity flavors combine the soft, bright and tart notes associated with ripe berri[...]

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  • Fudgy

    Explore Fudgy
  • Garlic onionish

    Fresh garlic and onion flavor can carry a sharp punch, but when cooked, they become sweet, mild and [...]

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  • Heat

    Heat refers to the burning sensation felt in the mouth and throat, experienced slightly when you eat[...]

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  • Herby (woody)

    Explore Herby (woody)
  • Pungent spice

    A sharp almost stinging sensation felt throughout your nose and mouth when enjoying wasabi, coarse g[...]

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  • Salty

    Explore Salty
  • Savory

    Explore Savory
  • Smokey

    With a deep chargrilled arome, smoky flavor can bring to mind touches of several flavors; pecan or a[...]

    Explore Smokey
  • Sour

    Call it tart, biting, or it just makes you pucker up, sour is one of the five basic tastes we experi[...]

    Explore Sour
  • Sweet

    This sugary and mouth-watering basic taste is one of the more universally loved. It's commonly assoc[...]

    Explore Sweet
  • Sweet cream

    The sweet and fatty flavor associated with whipping cream, cream cheese and ice cream.

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  • Tart

    Explore Tart
  • Tomatoey

    The tangy, bright flavor of dishes with fresh, cooked or sun-dried tomato as a central ingredient.

    Explore Tomatoey
  • Vegetable

    The aroma and flavor of a combination of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, corn and cabbage.

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  • Woody

    Explore Woody