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Chef Nicco Santos: Flavor Master

Posted on May 17, 2018

Chef Nicco demonstrates mastery.


Chef Nicco Santos does not just make food delectable, he makes them enjoyable. Fired up by spontaneity and the love for new discoveries, this young chef transforms traditional dishes into something memorable and exceptional. Chef Nicco Santos truly deserves the title “Master Of Flavor.”


Aside from cooking, Chef Nicco also dabbles in photography where he also exercises the principles that made him a culinary master – playing and experimenting. Texture, color, mood, form – harmonizing all of these give any work of art its distinct flavor. And to pull it off perfectly, one needs to be a master.


But what if two masters come together to play and experiment? Partnering with McCormick Culinary, the trusted herbs and spices expert, Chef Nicco introduces his much-touted flavorful twists to fusion recipes. And the results are just awe-inspiring. Chef Nicco’s new recipes are inspired by McCormick’s annual Flavor Forecast, where upcoming trends in flavors are identified by global experts.


“We want to empower everyone and anyone who cooks so that they can wield the power of flavors like an expert, given the wide range of flavors that McCormick Herbs, Spices, and Seasoning Blends can help create,’’ Chef Nicco explains.


Like Chef Nicco, be inspired to also be plates ahead! You can also learn to master the power of flavors! Check out the links below for new recipes from around the world!


Visit, and be inspired to also play and experiment. Experience an explosion of flavors that’s sure to delight your taste buds. Create your own culinary masterpieces and use the hashtag #MasterTheFlavor

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