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Noodle & Seasoning Mix

Birthday Noodles Noodle & Seasoning Mix

Noodle & Seasoning Mix


Delectable noodles, combined with a medley of rich flavors come together to make the perfect mix of Birthday Noodles to help make special occasions truly unforgettable. You can even mix in your choice of fresh ingredients to make them truly your own creation.

Pack Includes:
• 60g Birthday Noodles Seasoning Mix
• 20g Birthday Noodles

Available In

Birthday Noodles Pack 180g
Chap Chae 218g
Laksa 218g
Pad Thai 155g
Palabok Noodles 200g

Usage Tips

• 3 cups water
• Assorted meat, cut into small pieces
• 200g assorted vegetables, cut into bite-sixed pieces


  1. Dissolve McCormick Birthday Noodles Seasoning Mix in 3 cups water. Set aside.
  2. Brown the meat first then saute the vegetables.
  3. Pour in dissolved seasoning mix and boil. 4.Toss in the noodles and cook covered until noodles are al dente.

    Flavorful Tips: For best results, fry boiled noodles first before tossing in the cooked sauce and toppings.
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